How to learn martial arts online

Learning Martial Arts Online

How to learn martial arts online

Today I have some tips for you on how to learn martial arts online. And by the way: It is POSSIBLE to learn martial arts online 😉 (Audio with full transcript below)


Hi and welcome again to another episode of the martial podcast! Today we are talking about how you can learn martial arts online.

But before that let me say that I know a lot of people think, that you can´t learn martial arts online. But first of all, you don´t need to train it solely online. You can combine your martial arts training in your school or dojo with some online training.

And by the way: Whether you think you can learn martial arts online or you think you can`t. You are always right.

Because, it depends on your mindset. Your mindset determines whether or not you can learn martial arts online.

Because if you think you can´t learn a martial art online, then you don´t take the necessary action. And as a result of that, you really are NOT able to learn it online.

On the other hand, if you say to yourself, I will do whatever it takes to make it possible to learn this particular martial art – even if there is no school nearby where I live – then you will succeed in it.

Because IT IS POSSIBLE to learn martial arts online.

All you need for it is good online instruction, a lot of motivation and a good mindset. The online instruction we provide for you on The motivation and mindset you have to contribute yourself.

But as you are listening to this podcast, I think you already believe that you can learn martial arts online. So the only question here is: HOW do you do it?
So then let´s talk about HOW to learn martial arts online.

And I have 6 tips for you:

My first tip on how to learn martial arts online is …

Train in front of a Mirror

The biggest disadvantage of training at home alone is that no teacher will give you feedback. But that´s no big deal provided you are a bit self-critical about the execution of your movements.

And as far as form training, footwork and basic techniques training are concerned, you can perfectly control yourself when standing in front of a mirror.

Just look closely at your own movements. Are you doing them exactly in the way that the instructor on the video performed them?

Or do you not? But that brings us to my next tip for you:

Watch the instructional video a second time

At first, watch closely how the instructor does a particular movement. Then try to imitate it several times in front of a mirror. Or better said: Imitate it several dozen times.

And then watch the video again. Because if you do so, you will notice other important details you didn´t recognize the first time you watched the video.

So that is very critical. A big advantage of learning martial arts online from videos is that you can watch the same video again and again until you catch all the details.

And you are able to do that from wherever you wish to do so. And whenever you want to do it.

So training in front of a mirror and watching a video at least twice to catch all the details is very important when learning martial arts online. But to really master the art, it´s not yet sufficient.

So my next tip – probably the most important one – is …

Record yourself on video

Yes that´s right: Record yourself on video!

Because you will not recognize every mistake you make when training in front of a mirror. You will recognize most mistakes, but not all of them.

But if you record yourself on video you can identify ALL your mistakes later on when watching and comparing it with your teacher on the instructional video.

And with the emergence of smartphones the last couple of years, it is very easy to make a video of you while training.

And trust me: The advantage of this is huge. I benefited heavily by recording my training on video. Because I know already how to perform 99% of the moves in Wing Chun, Escrima and Panantukan. But quite a few times I am just not aware of making a mistake. Sometimes my shoulder is a bit raised where it shouldn´t be or one body half is doing something differently than the other.

But as I see myself on video I suddenly recognize it. And therefore I am then in a position to concentrate on my weaknesses and correct them once and for all.

But now let´s talk about tip No. 4 on how to learn martial arts online.

And again it´s a very important tip if you want to get really good at your respective martial art. And my tip for you is this:

Make training martial arts a habit

Make it a habit to train martial arts daily. Yes daily.

But I don´t mean you should set a goal for yourself to train martial arts for one or two hours every day. Because unless you don´t do that for a living you will not succeed in it.

Instead what I want you to do is this: Aim to train for 5 minutes every single day without any exception. And without any exception I mean that you train really every day. So in case you are ill, then meditate for 5 minutes instead.

But you may now think: Why just 5 minutes?

And the answer here is very simple:

Most days you won´t feel like training. But do your 5 minutes anyway.

On some days though you are motivated and ready to train for a longer time than just 5 minutes. So fine, then do so and go ahead. Train for 30 minutes or maybe an hour or two if you feel like it.

But even if you had a very bad day and you absolutely don´t feel like it. Do it. As the Nike slogan says: Just do it. It doesn´t matter if you hate me for that advice. But do it!

After some time it will become a habit. And then you won´t think any more about if you should train or not. You just do it. Every single day.

And most successful people in any field are successful because of their habits. So if you want to learn martial arts online, then make it a habit to Train daily. By doing so, success will be inevitable. Trust me on that.

Then my next tip is:

Get some equipment

And I don´t mean that you should buy all the expensive stuff beforehand. Just some new equipment every now and then. That´s enough.

Because to be honest: Your habits we talked about already are more important. But after some time it helps to have some equipment.

And there it depends heavily on the respective martial art you want to learn. But there are some items you should consider buying regardless of your martial art you learn.

For your solotraining you definitely need some protecting or boxing gloves for your punching and either a wall bag, a heavy bag or a bob.

Of course if you can afford it then get all of them. But you don´t necessarily have to have it all.

And for your training with a training partner get some focus mitts.

And if your martial art of choice is Wing Chun, then consider buying or making a wooden dummy yourself. You can really train a lot of things on it. And the big advantage of a wooden dummy is that you don´t need a training partner all the time. So you can train a lot of things on your own.

And that leads me to my last tip for today on how to learn martial arts online:

Find a training partner

At first it is no problem if you train on your own as there are a lot of things you can train on your own. These things are form training, proper footwork (which is very important in every martial art and should not be neglected). And there are also several basic techniques for defending and attacking that can be trained alone.

And as I mentioned before you can use a wallbag, heavy bag or a bob for your punching and kicking training. And even such things as a wooden dummy to train your techniques.

So no excuses if you haven´t found a training partner yet. Just start with your training and then after some time begin to look for a training partner.

You could just ask one of your friends if he or she could assist you from time to time. And you could offer them to help them out on other things. And who knows? Perhaps they like the training themselves and want to dive into the art.

And if you are already an intermediate or slightly advanced practitioner in your martial arts style, then you could consider forming a training group that meets every week at a particular time.

So these are my 6 tips for you on how to learn martial arts online:

  • No.1: Train in front of a mirror.
  • No.2: Watch the videos several times.
  • No.3: Record yourself on video.
  • No.4: Make training martial arts a habit.
  • No.5: Get some equipment.
  • No.6: Find a training partner.

I hope you enjoyed todays episode of the martial podcast. If so let me know in the comments. And also let me know of some more tips on how to learn martial arts online.

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See you next time at the martial podcast!

Sifu Martin GrĂźnstäudl –


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