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Wing Chun Theory (9): Kao Sao

The Kao Sao looks similar to the Bong Sao, but in fact it is very different from it. Because unlike the Bong Sao, you do the Kao Sao when you feel a pressure at the inside of your forearms.

Wing Chun Theory (8): Huen Sao

The Huen Sao is another very important technique in Wing Chun. Therefore it is already strongly represented in the first form of Wing Chun – the Siu Nim Tao. Actually, the Huen Sao occurs in every set of the Siu Nim Tao.

Wing Chun Theory (7): Lan Sao

The Lan Sao can be used as a defending and attacking technique. When defending with a Lan Sao it is very similar to the Bong Sao …

Wing Chun Theory (6): Bong Sao

The Bong Sao is a very important technique in Wing Chun. It is a defending move and it is used when someone punches us to the chin or a bit lower …

Wing Chun Theory (5): Gam Sao

The Gam Sao is similar to the Gan Sao in Wing Chun. We use it to defend against attacks to the lower half of our upper Body …

Wing Chun Theory (4): Gan Sao

This video is about the Gan Sao, which we use to defend ourselves against attacks to the stomach or to the ribs. Though it is a defending movement, we think of the attack and not of the defence when we do a Gan Sao.

Wing Chun Theory (3): Lap Sao

Now we have a look at the Lap Sao. This movement is mainly used to unbalance and to control the opponent. It can also be used as a defending technique.

Wing Chun Theory (2): Tan Sao

In today’s video we talk about the Tan Sao – a very important technique in Wing Chun. We use it similar to the Pak Sao, but in contrast to the Pak Sao, we use the Tan Sao when we make contact with the opponent on the outside of our forearm.

Wing Chun Theory (1): Pak Sao

In this video we explain the Pak Sao in more detail. We show you when it is used for defending and attacking an opponent.