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We have just published a series of online courses on the subject of Wing Chun. By subscribing to our newsletter you get lifetime access to them – for free!

Wing Chun Theory (3): Lap Sao

Now we have a look at the Lap Sao. This movement is mainly used to unbalance and to control the opponent. It can also be used as a defending technique.

Wing Chun Theory (2): Tan Sao

In today’s video we talk about the Tan Sao – a very important technique in Wing Chun. We use it similar to the Pak Sao, but in contrast to the Pak Sao, we use the Tan Sao when we make contact with the opponent on the outside of our forearm.

Wing Chun Theory (1): Pak Sao

In this video we explain the Pak Sao in more detail. We show you when it is used for defending and attacking an opponent.

Wing Chun Basics (6): Chain Punching with Stepping

In this video we combine our chain punching with forward stepping. So we first get into our Fighting Stance (see also: Wing Chun Basics 3: Fighting Stance) and from there we begin to step forward with pulling our back leg…

Wing Chun Basics (5): Chain Punches

Chain Punches are probably one the most important techniques in Wing Chun Kung Fu. In this video I´ll show you how to do them correctly.  

Wing Chun Basics (4): Wu Sao Man Sao

The Wu Sao Man Sao is a basic hand position in Wing Chun. To be more exact, it is kind of a ready position we use when we expect an imminent attack from our opponent.  

Wing Chun Basics (3): Fighting Stance

Today we have a look at the Fighting Stance in Wing Chun. Often it is also referred to as Advancing Stance, as you move forward from there.  

Wing Chun Basics (2): Turning Stance

In this video we go over how to do the turning in Wing Chun. The turning is very important to avoid a punch from the opponent.

Wing Chun Basics (1): IRAS

In this first video in a series about Basic Wing Chun techniques we´ll go over the IRAS. This is an abbreviation for Internally Rotated Adduction Stance and is the first stance we learn in Wing Chun: