Month: March 2019

Learning Martial Arts Online

Wing Chun Basics (4): Wu Sao Man Sao

The Wu Sao Man Sao is a basic hand position in Wing Chun. To be more exact, it is kind of a ready position we use when we expect an imminent attack from our opponent.  

Wing Chun Basics (3): Fighting Stance

Today we have a look at the Fighting Stance in Wing Chun. Often it is also referred to as Advancing Stance, as you move forward from there.  

Wing Chun Basics (2): Turning Stance

In this video we go over how to do the turning in Wing Chun. The turning is very important to avoid a punch from the opponent.  

Wing Chun Basics (1): IRAS

In this first video in a series about Basic Wing Chun techniques we´ll go over the IRAS. This is an abbreviation for Internally Rotated Adduction Stance and is the first stance we learn in Wing Chun: