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Here at The Martial Studio we have one big goal: To provide you with superior online training in Martial Arts. So you can learn all the details at any time, from everywhere.  

Maybe our free courses are already sufficient for your needs. Or perhaps you need more assistance – then our paid courses and especially our master classes could be the right place for you to start your journey.


We provide in-depth online training in Martial Arts.

Whatever your current level of understanding is and whatever your goals are with your martial arts training – we have the right solution for you!

1. Free Courses

This is the right place for you to start. Because here you get important basic training in Wing Chun Kung Fu and in Self-Defense. Over time we will add to it and include other Martial Arts as well.

But better yet: See it for yourself and start your training today. For it´s free anyway …

2. Paid Courses

If you want to take it a step further, then you should try out our paid courses. Every course is about a particular topic and it covers this topic in depth. So you´ll get all the details you are looking for. 

In short this is the place to be when you´re getting more serious about your Martial Arts Training …

3. Master Classes

Finally this is the place to be when you really want to dive into the art. Here we don´t just cover a particular topic. Instead we look at all the aspects of the respective Martial Art. 

Our goal here is to learn a Martial Art completely – not just the basic techniques and forms, but also the reaction training, self-defense, multiple opponents and so forth …

You learn all the Details

A lot of people think that you can´t learn Martial Arts online. In our opinion you can, given that you have the right mindset and the right instructions at hand. We provide you with the latter – you only have to bring the right mindset and motivation with you 😉

So we guarantee to provide you with all the details you need to train effectively on your own or with your training partner. Of course you can take our courses in addition to visiting your martial arts school or dojo. In fact this is a very beneficial way leading to even bigger progress.

You learn on your Schedule

The biggest advantage of learning online is that you can access the lessons from everywhere around the world at any time you wish to do so. So there are no fixed schedules anymore. You are able to train whenever it suits you.

And with purchasing our Online Courses and Master Classes you have lifetime access to them – across any and all devices you own.


Wing Chun Kung Fu

Below you´ll find some of our Online Courses and Master Classes. For now we´ll concentrate heavily on Wing Chun Kung Fu. But over time we´re planning to integrate other Martial Arts as well.

Wing Chun for Beginners (1): Basic Techniques and Footwork

The first part on our series for beginners with the most important basic techniques and footwork in Wing Chun.

Wing Chun Free Course

Self-Defense and Fighting Skills: From Beginners to Intermediates

The easy way to learn traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu: Applications, Footwork, Basic Techniques and Sensitivity Drills.

Wing Chun Online Course

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Wing Chun Master Class:
From Beginner to Black Belt

Learn the complete Wing Chun system right up to the Black Belt Level – NEW LESSONS RELEASED EVERY WEEK!

Wing Chun Master Class

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Kali/Escrima & Panantukan

Here you find some of our upcoming courses. They are about the Filipino Martial Arts, also known as Kali/Escrima and Panantukan.

Basic Footwork for Kali/Escrima and Panantukan

Learn the most important basic footwork like Full Step, Step and Slide and Triangle Step in Kali/Escrima and Panantukan.

Kali/Escrima Free Course

Self-Defense and Fighting Skills: From Beginners to Intermediates


Panantukan Online Course

Kali/Escrima Master Class: 
From Beginner to Black Belt


Kali/Escrima Master Class

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